A unique, magical experience for all occasions

Award winning magician Gavin Parsons has studied the ancient art of Close-up magic for many years and has become a sleight of hand expert. Specializing in close-up magic and borrowing everyday objects he will not fail to leave you speechless.

His Psychological illusions, misdirection, and showmanship have gained him bookings at some of the finest parties corporate functions, and hundreds of weddings around the world.

His style of Close-up magic is a mixture of the visually and mentally impossible performed inches from the eyes of the audience which will allow you to escape from reality, And you have to admit everyone likes to do that from time to time.

Gavin is a new breed of magician, with his dedication and pure commitment to magic he has been accepted as a full member of the ‘ International Brotherhood of Magicians’.

His clients include – Jasper Carrot, Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman, Lucy Davis, Journey South, Jethro and companies such as the NEC, NHS, Transco, Jasper Carrott’s Rock with Laughter Show, British Airways, Apre’s Bar,

He will tailor his performance to suit the individual requirements be it a Wedding, Party, or corporate event. If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate.to get in contact.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians


The International Brotherhood of Magicians is the world’s largest organization dedicated to the art of magic, with members in 88 countries. Since 1922, our official publication, The Linking Ring, has linked magicians throughout the world.

Local branches of the I.B.M., known as Rings, meet each month in hundreds of locations. Our Annual Convention features top professional magicians in our spectacular evening shows.

Each year, the I.B.M. Gold Medal Contest for stage magic and the I.B.M. Gold Cups Contest for close-up magic attract some of the best up-and-coming magicians from many different countries. Our organization is about having fun with magic, and we hope you will join us in becoming a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.